With the increasing influence of mobile apps, It has become necessary for businesses to have their mobile apps to remain competitive and connect with clients or customers more smoothly. Generally, there are three types of apps, mobile web apps, native apps, and hybrid apps. All of these apps have their pros and cons.  Found best services for mobile app development in Lahore.
         Here in this article, we are going to discuss the development process of each type of app and compare the advantages and disadvantages of native apps, web apps, and hybrid apps.
1. Development of Web Apps
         You must be wondering, what is the difference between a website and a web app. A website contains a lot more content than a web app but a web app in more concise as it has much more improved functionality. Web apps can be loaded from browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. These apps don’t need to be downloaded from app stores and special thing about web apps is that they don’t occupy any space in the user’s device. If your goal is to provide mobile-friendly content to a wide range of users them web apps can be suitable for you. But the point of concern about web apps is that they don’t always guarantee high-quality user experience and functionality. 
How to Develop a Web App
         Web apps are developed with tools like HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. There is no SKT (Software Development Kit) involved in the development of web apps. Generally, web apps are easy to build as compared to native or hybrid apps and can be developed in a lesser amount of time. 
Advantages of Web Apps
1. Web apps are a very cost-effective way to introduce your product with a wide range of people.
2. Web apps are a lot easier to maintain as they share common code across multiple mobile systems.
Disadvantages of Web Apps
1. As the web apps are not listed in app stores, they are not easy to discover if they are not well marketed.
2. Web apps run in web browsers that’s why users have to take more steps to reach them. This makes the user experience complicated.
Development of Native Apps
         Native apps are the most commonly used apps among users around the world. These apps are developed for platforms like Android and IOS and are written in the languages that are accepted by those platforms. Developers use Swift and Objective-C for native IOS app development and Java or Kotlin for native Android app development. Both Google and Apple provide their developers with all development tools and SDK (Software Development Kit).
Flutter is also an SDK of Google for mobile apps. Flutter provides developers with an easy way to develop attractive and speedy mobile apps on Android and IOS platforms.
Development of Hybrid Apps
         Hybrid apps are a mixture or combination of web apps and native apps. Hybrid apps can work across multiple platforms and generally act like a native app. These apps are developed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and run in a web view. Read mobile apps are the best way to take your business to the next step.
Hybrid apps are based on two parts. The Initial part is the backend code. Hybrid code is written using HTML, CSS or JavaScript. The Second part is the native shell that is downloadable and loads the code by a web view.
Comparison of Hybrid and Native Apps
         Native apps are very smooth and interactive and provide better user experience as compared to hybrid apps. Hybrid apps are much slower and require a web view to load that’s why the user experience is often compromised. Native apps are completely supported by app stores and the overall app market and these apps are very easy to discover. Although native apps are costly and require experienced developers, the performance of native apps is far better than both hybrid and web apps. Hybrid apps are dependent on a third party to deploy its wrapper.
         As we have discussed the pros and cons of all three types of apps Web apps, Native apps, and Hybrid apps. We have found that native apps provide the best user experience which is the most important thing to consider. Instead of thinking about the cost you must go with the best option. Because in the long term only an engaging and user-friendly app will be able to make an impact.
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