There are a lot of different opinions about redesigning a website. Usually, most of the businesses redesign their websites every two to three years to remain up to date and modern. Some say that a website must be redesigned every year, while some businesses redesign their websites every six months.
Web Technologies are revolutionizing at a very rapid pace and if you want to keep up with your competitors you have to upgrade your website at regular intervals. A business needs to have an updated website, as the viewers always observe the content very thoroughly and if they consider the website less engaging they will probably never visit that website again.  
So what should exactly be the right moment to website redesign? Read why do i need a web designer. Well, the answer is pretty simple. When you are not getting desirable results from your web presence, you need to redesign your website.
Reasons to Redesign a Website:
Here are a few reasons, why you need to redesign your website.
1. If your website’s user UI (user interface) is complicated and the navigation is poor, then the visitor will never want to stay there for long, In this case, the website must be redesigned with a simple and user- friendly interface.
2. If your website is visually unprofessional, unattractive and is poorly structured, it can never gain a visitor’s attention. The website must be redesigned with relevant up to date content, visuals, and clear navigation.
3.  If your company’s branding and business strategy are changed then its time to revamp your website according to the new business strategy.
4.  If your website is falling way behind the competition and your competitor’s website is more engaging and getting more business, you need to redesign your website.
5.  If your website is not getting the right audiences, then redesign your site keeping the right audiences in mind.
6. If your website is not properly visible on different screen sizes especially on mobile screens then revamp it and make it responsive for all screen sizes.
7.  If your website takes too much time to load then you need to redesign it to make it load faster by getting it's content concise. A Website’s loading time is also a ranking factor in the search engine results.
8.  Use analytic tools to know if the bounce rate of the website is higher if it is then you need to revamp your website to lower down the bounce rate.
9.  If your website is continuously giving errors, crashing and getting viruses, then you might need to revamp your website. Make your code as stronger as it can be and add antivirus plugin to protect it from viruses.
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