In order to lead the thousands of human evaluators of Google to analyze the real-life examples of webpages and to secure their quality Google made search quality guidelines and brings potential core updates September 2019 in it after certain intervals of time. According to the reports come forward through these evaluations Google’s algorithm improves.
These search quality guidelines by Google updates in once or twice a year and SEO community, get best SEO services in Lahore to cope witj new updates by Ggggle, after taking place of these 2019 core updates by Google, comes under a challenging environment or condition. These changes, however, allow us to know what is going to be attempting by Google’s algorithms to emphasize or deemphasize. So, it is, actually, a way for us to prepare ourselves to cope with the next changes or updates may occur by the Google. Well, here are the five 05 major changes come through Google are described: 
1. Updates of YMYL Websites 
There are significant changes in YMYL webpages examples and the using language made by Google. The Google’s aim is that YMYL content can be both a topic as well as a page. This is, actually, a new development made by Google for this version of guidelines. So, we can take a hint from this update that there are some contents related to YMYL on the page are sufficient to consider a page as YMYL page. We can also take the idea that Google is going to give the priority and importance to news and current events pages because these are more relevant to YMYL category.
2. How To Define Very High Quality Main Content 
This update confirms additional sections help in defining the quality of the content. Through this addition now it would be easy to define the content belong to which category. It is in accordance with industries, news, art, and informational content, etc. The originality of the content is necessary for news sites. According to Google analysis an original news requires ample time and skill to be created and primary sources must also be included. 
Google also believes that for writing an artistic content a high degree talent, skill and time is required to make such contents. A notable point is that Google doesn’t limited until text content for quality standard. However, it extends towards the contents including videos, images, photography, writing, etc. At the end, Google describes that for an informative content accuracy, clarity and professionalism are the key points.
3. The Pulitzer Prize wouldn’t Only Be The Source Of Journalistic Integrity 
This new version by Google in September 2019 indicates that the Pulitzer Prize won’t only be limited until the journalistic integrity. However, any reference of other awards and accolades would also be considered as a Pulitzer Prize. This change or update will show Google as more neutral for political affairs. 
4. Careful Checks For the Reputation of Content Creator also Conducts by Google 
On YMYL topics or pages the reputation of content creators is, now, conducting with careful checks. Take help from IT consultant to resolve the issues created by new google updates. Evidence from experts, professional societies, awards, etc. are considering as the ways to conduct the careful checks. For example, the checks for the shopping sites would be conducted by the experts using stores to make purchases. This factor will show more trustworthiness towards ecommerce sites. 
5. The Language Changed For The Pages Promote Hates by Google
The pages promote hate or violence can be defined with a small tweak made by Google.
“Ethnicity” became “ethnic origin” 
“Gender” became “gender or gender identity” 
“Citizenship” was removed 
“Socio-economic status” was removed 
“Political beliefs” was removed 
“Victims of atrocities” was removed
However, it is a varied thing to the users but this change may ensure the users that the official documents are as accurate and inclusive as possible.