From the most diverse and growing fields in the world, Computer science is the one. The field is not only limited till the making of gaming complexes or to hack the secret achieves. It is about anything in the world. Now movies are going to dramatize through computer science. When one enters into the department of computer science field in any university he becomes able to recognize the number of opportunities by the computer science field. 


Now, we see a large number of faculties in Computer science and graduate in IT is the most common one. How our new graduates are going to make Pakistan a new hub of technologies can be described by the most demanding roles of computer science in Pakistan. Following are the IT services that will give us the assurance that we can make Pakistan a hub of technologies



1. Website Designers

One of the major invent of the techinology is the world wide web which has websites or web pages as its core element. Each major company need a great website. There are already tons of website desiging companies in Pakistan and most of the universities in Pakistna offer website designing course as medinatory subject. 


2. Mobile App Developers

One of the major invention of the technology era is the smartphone which has packed the power of a super computer within the palm of one's hand. Mobile app developers in Pakistan are already earning thaousands every month making it one of the very lucrative field fo a career. At the same time, educatinoal institute across Pakistan offer quality mobile application development courses loaded with amazing learning and practical experience. 

3. Artificial Intelligence AI

It is one of the most excited filed around the world and is, now, growing and extend in Pakistan at large scale. Good achievements in this field will enable our IT graduates to make a good contribution to introduce Pakistan, a new hub of technology. 


4. Data Science 

Another emerging computer science field which is ready to get an extension in Pakistan is Data Science. The category of Data Scientist is very rare not only in Pakistan but around the world. Obviously, when our students make good achievements in this rare category, we’ll the reason to build ourselves a new hub of technology.


5. Virtual Reality 

Virtual reality market is going on fire. According to a recent survey, it is concluded that the market will be known with the worth of $110 billion in the coming time. The field has a lot of scopes not only in the gaming and architecture areas but, at the same time, it will enhance the industries of product formation, interior design, film production, and set design. 


6. Internet of Things IoT

As our lives are becoming reliant on technology, to the bank of the situations Internet of Thing is one best field. We are now not only limited till the smartphones and PCs. However, we are ready to experience smart TVs, washing machines and even the smart homes. Don't you think that if all these have become possible by our IT students, at which extend our technology level will reach? 


7. Back End Development 

For the advanced alterations in all these above-mentioned technologies, we are still reliant upon the developers and engineers. We are not even can follow the complexities that are running behind the actual appearance. All the latest trends in the technology can be modified by the back end developers. 


8. Front End Development

Won’t you believe that a good website is that which clutches your attention at first sight? This can be possible by the front end developers. It does not matter what complexities and advancement you are showing. If you are not giving a good impression then you fail to convince anyone. 


9. UX or UI Designers 

In the computer science field, this is another modification we see. In human-computer interaction, the UX/UI Designers play a vital role. These designers form the basis of the design that will be, actually, implemented by the developers. These kinds of a field will lead us to generate the exceptional software companies that are the real contributions to be a hub of technology. 


10. Full Stack Engineers 

In Pakistani universities, IT departments this category has also occupied the prestigious one position. It is actually the divine combo of two categories i.e. front end development and back end development. It is one of the growing subjects of study in Pakistan and this will lead us towards the prestigious one position. 


11. IT Managers 

To maintain and manage an IT company is the responsibility of an IT manager.  The biggest companies require an efficient and experienced data management to maintain the companies at a reasonable position. If the good IT manager will take birth in our nation this will surely grow. 


12. Quality Assurance Experts 

Quality Assurance Working is not a big deal. Anyone after getting a little amount of training can perform this task easily. But the companies require a quality assurance expert with a development background. This is because if one does not has the proper knowledge about development how can he take the proper decision?  


Pakistan is on the edge of a digital transformation where IT services providers across Paksitan will get noticed around the world due to their service quality, knowledge and extensive skillset.