It is estimated that there that more than 1000 web hosting providers operating just within Pakistan. This figure is excluding thousands of international web hosting companies operating the world over. In this article, I would like to suggest on what kind of web host is better for you and where you should look for them.


Web Hosting in Pakistan

As mentioned above, hundreds of web hosting companies are operating within Pakistan with variety of website hosting options and pricing. The list includes very famous national level ISPs like Comsats, Brain Net, Nexlinks and also smaller domain name and hosting only setups like ServerSea, WinsHosting, WebTechnos etc. Some of the ISPs operate webhosting based on their own servers maintained in their own data centers within Pakistan. However, most of the Pakistani web hosting companies have their dedicated servers in USA, Canada or elsewhere. The pricing factor is also important; as most national level companies charge way to much that their smaller counterparts.


If you are a small to mid level business and want a cheap web hosting package in Pakistan, then you can easily find one if you get in touch with any of smaller web hosting company. However, here is a bit of advice that you should only trust a hosting company that has a good track record and a setup history. Many web hosting and domain registration companies come an go and along with them goes a lot of client’s efforts. So beware that you should only host your website with reliable website hosting service providers in Pakistan.


The benefits of hosting your website with Pakistan based web hosting companies is that you can physically reach them anytime, you can call them without any long queues and you can make sure about a physical presence. While dealing with international hosting companies, you are just trusting a name.


International Web Hosting Providers

There are thousands of internationally operating website hosting companies of which so many have good presence in Pakistan. Most of Pakistanis buy their website hosting from internationally well know web hosting companies like GoDaddy, BlueHost, HostGator etc. These companies have big setups and support their clienits through live chat and email. These organizations also offer very lucrative rates for website hosting.


Top Website Hosting Companies in Pakistan

If you intend to buy a website hosting service from Pakistani companies, which I’ll recommend, then you can consider discussing your website hosting requirements with any of the following website hosting companies.


1. ServerSear

2. WinsHosting

3. Helium

4. PakHost

5. WebSouls