Definitions are not a good way to understand these terms. Web Designer is a person the same as the architect who is responsible for the look and feel of the website. He/She has to change the idea into the design which must be appealing for the users. Best company for web site desining in Lahore. A designer for web uses different tools and skills like Photoshop, Graphic design, graphic designing services in Lahore, Logo design, Color palettes, Typography, and many others. So, his main duty is to decide how a website should look, where to place which image/logo, what colors and fonts to use.

Skills that a Web Designer Should Possess:


Time management

Communication skills



A Web Designer is Responsible for the following Task:

Writing and editing content.

Designing webpage layout.

Determining technical requirements.

Updating websites.

Creating back up files

Solving code problems

Web Developers:

Web developers split into two sub-categories: front-end developers, and back-end developers.

Now after web designer’s task is over, it’s web developer’s task to turn this design into a live website. He will use web languages and Programming tools, frameworks to accomplish this. Web designer decided all things to use like colors, fonts, images, and the layout will be coded by the front-end developer. In case if your website is dynamic that is it needed to interact with the database after that the role of back-end developer started who has to fulfill the task to fetch data and to apply business logic and pass it to front-end for display. Things we need to know before designing a website. Basic tools used by Front-end developer are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and Back-end developers have a list of programming languages to choose for their respective frameworks. 

Key Responsibilities of a Developer:

· Program, test and debug all web applications.

· Design, develop, test and deploy web applications.

· Code pages, files, test, debug and deploy.

· Structures the code to solve specific tasks.

· He has to communicate with other designers and programmers to develop web projects.

·A Developer has to Collaborate with staff and teams to develop, format and deploy content.

· He has to Assist and support in the upkeep and maintenance of web sites.