This article will define what an ecommerce website is and how to get it developed in Pakistan. You will also come to know about the important parts of an online ecommerce platform.


An Ecommerce website is an online web presence where a seller can sell products or services online. A more formal ecommerce website sell products of various types to customers who browse the products collection online on the website and make online payments through credit card. 


Major modules of an online ecommerce website are as under:


Online Dynamic Product Catalog

This is where the online retailer get functionality to keep online product catalog. The website comes up with online module capable to enter and manage products information. The website owner should be able to add new products any time. The product catalog is a place where pricing information can also be given. A good product catalog may also contain stock management.


Online Shopping Cart Management

There should be facility for users to browse products and add any item to online shopping cart system. The customer should be able to add items to online shopping cart and manage quantities. 


Online Order Placement & Tracking

Once finalized the shopping cart, the customer should be able to place an order. There should also be a mechanism which can be helpful in tracking an order status. The customer can also be given links to track an order enroute through a courier company. 


Online Credit Card Payments

This indeed is an integral part of an ecommerce website. There are scores of online credit card processing companies offering realtime payment processing through credit cards. A customer can provide his/her credit card ifnoramtion online against a given amount of submitted order and the payment can be charged.


Offline Payment Options

In addition to online credit card payments, you can also opt for offline payment options. Currently, there are a number of ecommerce websites, even in Pakistan, which offer online purchases against bank cheques, cash, western union and online bank transfers. Using offline payment options, the payments are processed manually and order status is updated accordingly. 


Sales Reporting

The owner of the online shopping website can be provided with reporting tools to better understand and analyze the performance of the website. The admin should be able to generate sales reports for any given period of time or a single product. The reporting module can be a handy research tool to lay out plans of future extensions.


Successful Ecommerce Websites in Pakistan

The following list may not be the final one as new and better websites are being developed and launched on a fast pace. However, these examples can help you understand how successful online ecommerce websites are built and launched in Pakistani perspective:

An ecommerce website focusing on electronics and gadgets

General purpose, multi category online store

Top website to sell tablets in Pakistan

Sells apparels, books and general items.